Affiliate with PVE

Benefits of Affiliation and entering for competitions for the PVE Season of Art

  1. Membership of one of the largest Eisteddfods.
  2. Access as Amateur to the formally organized Annual Eisteddfod.
  3. The opportunity to enter your students or yourself (if privately affiliated) towards competitive participation in the ART discipline/s of your choice.
  4. Authoritative adjudication.
  5. Exposure to an environment conducive to excellent progress under expert Artistic Leadership.
  6. Access to the Prestigious Rewards ceremony at a Gala event attended by high profile figures in the Art world.

Did you know that Corporate members (Schools and institutes) retain two votes at PVE GENERAL Meetings when both representatives are present?

Consult PVE Program for Competition Closing dates.

Why Us?

  • Join one of the largest Eisteddfods.
  • Formally organized Eisteddfod.
  • Enter your students or yourself
  • Authoritative adjudication.
  • Expert Artistic Leadership.
  • Prestigious Rewards ceremony.

Contact Details

Sanddrift Street,
Paarl, Western Cape,

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As part of the processing of personal information about you, of your child, or that of the minor under your guardianship, PVE will collect such information from you, through your status as employee, sub-contractor, parent, guardian, child, judge at events, business relation, or otherwise.